Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Day 3 - a day off!

Really long day driving down to nan's flat in Eastbourne and back in pouring rain - all furniture and contents packed, vast amounts taken to the recycling centre and then back home - exhausted! I did manage to cook up some chicken last night for my hubby to feed as sandwiches to the kids for tea, and I had enough to do an 'everything but the kitchen sink' risotto when I got home - and of course there will be no waste as the chicken carcass will be made into stock tomorrow :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Day 2

IMG_0996, originally uploaded by Sajona.

Bought a long handled fruit tree picker today - it makes picking our Bramley Apple tree so much fun! It has a gravel path underneath it so any windfalls are unusable (unless you spend ages picking all the grit out!) - so large basket full picked this afternoon.
I've gone through my recipe books and the Popina cookbook has lots of savoury muffins recipes - so made Spinach,Garlic and Nutmeg ones and then Feta and Tomato..yum! They've gone in the freezer. Had 'use it up omelette' at lunchtime which used all the boiled new potatoes lurking in the fridge from Sunday and remembered to freeze the cooked beetroot before it went off! All my peelings are in the compost bin - and cooked food scraps are collected by the council anyway - so nothing really gets binned here.

Monday, September 06, 2010


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Zero Waste Week

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As you can see by the button on the right it is 'Zero Waste Week'. I've signed up as I really need to declutter the baking cupboard! Some of it's shameful contents are pictured here! I have actually listed everything in there and am attempting to buy as little food as possible this week and use up as much in the larder/fridge and freezer as I can,
So far I've made 4 cakes and frozen all the runner and french beans lurking in the fridge. I even whizzed up the end crusts of bread from the bread bin and froze them too.
So that is day one - more reporting tomorrow!