Monday, October 05, 2009

My first mosaic

My creation, originally uploaded by Sajona.

I love playing with flickr toys! This is through big labs who supply this mosaic software - really simple to do (even for a numpty like me)
These are a selection of ATCs I've made over the last few years.

IMG_5296.JPG, originally uploaded by Sajona.

IMG_5301.JPG, originally uploaded by Sajona.

A Special Blanket

IMG_5311.JPG, originally uploaded by Sajona.

I have belonged to an internet sewing group for over 8 years and just about all of us contributed towards a special blanket for one of the members Jeanette - I'll let her share her side of the story on her blog:
I collected together the squares, blocked them (you can see them taking over my workroom below!) , sewed it together and crocheted round the edge.
Not perfect - but lots of love went into it!