Monday, September 06, 2010

Zero Waste Week

IMG_1750, originally uploaded by Sajona.

As you can see by the button on the right it is 'Zero Waste Week'. I've signed up as I really need to declutter the baking cupboard! Some of it's shameful contents are pictured here! I have actually listed everything in there and am attempting to buy as little food as possible this week and use up as much in the larder/fridge and freezer as I can,
So far I've made 4 cakes and frozen all the runner and french beans lurking in the fridge. I even whizzed up the end crusts of bread from the bread bin and froze them too.
So that is day one - more reporting tomorrow!

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Rae said...

Great photo! You're so brave. THanks for taking part in zero waste week and for blogging about it too. Enjoy your baking sessions and I look forawrd to seeing what else you find in the cupboards :)

Warmest wishes
Mrs Green @myzerowaste