Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dress a girl around the world

dress a girl around the world, originally uploaded by Sajona.

Spent the last 2 afternoons using up fabric stash by making 6 dresses for the charity 'Dress a girl around the world'. They are really simple pillowcase style dresses using cotton fabric. I handmade binding for the spotty dress, but used packet binding for the rest. The 2 on the right are from a recycled dress I bought from a charity shop - they were actually the most expensive as the dress cost £9.99 and was unworn. Must resist those charity shops - especially in Harpenden, which is always way overpriced :( (but often has Boden and designer labels..). The dress on the left is actually Boden fabric, courtesy of Fabrics Galore in London - a really designer fabric treasure trove.
The blog for the UK organiser for DAGATW is: