Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Daddy and The Beatles

If you go to the very end of this video (07.33)you can see my dad's very early work as a designer - he created the set they are standing on - 'The Daily Beatle' ...he did loads of great design work at Granada - but this has the most kudos!

Monday, January 07, 2008

New year, New stash-bust

wildflower0701, originally uploaded by Sajona.

I am knitting from stash this year...this is a sweater for DD made from ancient Hayfield merino 4 ply. Sweater is Wildflower sweater from Lucinda Guy's Handknits for Kids.
Did 2 days of work on it and then discovered I'd placed the intarsia in the wrong place and had to frog back to the border - argh!
I am knitting this to relieve the boredom of boring sock - only half of the second one to do and then I'm only doing ones with some kind of pattern involved as the self patterning basic ones are now too dull for words.