Thursday, April 09, 2009

Concorde is 40 years old

IMG_5085.JPG, originally uploaded by Sajona.

and they were celebrating at the Fleet Air arm museum in Somerset today - so my 7 year old and I joined in the 'make a concorde from junk materials' workshop - the rather sad result is pictured!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This charming man

IMG_0008.JPG, originally uploaded by Sajona.

The sweetest statue in London - John Betjeman at St Pancras Station.

MSCE April - Tuesday 6th

IMG_5078.JPG, originally uploaded by Sajona.

Our mini herb garden using my 7 year old's greek 'miffs' pot.
At last I can tell the cheesy joke..

Whats a grecian urn?

About 15 drachmas a week.....

Yeah ok - old as the hills!

MSCE April - Monday 6th

IMG_5077.JPG, originally uploaded by Sajona.

Home made pizza :)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

MSCE April - Sunday 5th

IMG_5065.JPG, originally uploaded by Sajona.

Today was gardening day - made a new strawberry bed, replanted a large bed in the front to be a 'hot' garden and I need to pot these tomato seedlings up.

MSCE April - Saturday 4th

IMG_5072.JPG, originally uploaded by Sajona.

Finally attached these boxes to the wall in DS2's room and added his plane models - they were originally hanging in a smoky pub owned by my mum's friends. When they moved on she bought them off the owners and I repainted the boxes and gave them a bit of TLC to make them fit with his light blue colour scheme. He is mad about military stuff!

MSCE April - Saturday 4th

IMG_5068.JPG, originally uploaded by Sajona.

Put up DS2 (who was 10 when he made this) 's windchime in DS3's new Doctor Who inspired room.

MSCE April - Friday 3rd

IMG_5066.JPG, originally uploaded by Sajona.

DD who is 3 made this on friday at toddler group - all her own work. Wasn't terribly chuffed at the drippy green glitter glue that attached itself to the lining of my bag though!