Friday, April 04, 2008

See the Girls!

My DD is real girl - she is obsessed with Disney Princesses at the moment - she has a box with them on in her room that she rushes over to each morning shouting 'See the Girls!'. She also walks round clutching a copy of the Cinderella DVD - also asking to 'see the girls onthedeebeedee' Bless!
No idea where all this comes from - she's surrounded by cars, trucks, lego and world war 2 planes at home :)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A lunch box? who invited that kid?

lunchbag, originally uploaded by Sajona.

Sorry - having a Toy Story moment there!
This is a little washable fabric lunch bag for another craftster swap - it is padded all over (iron on wadding applied to the back of the outer layer) and lined with pink polka dot cotton. I covered a button to fasten the tab. There is a matching napkin - made by tracing one I already had and hemming all the way round. The bag isn't so wonky in real life and is winging it's way to the USA.

Having fun with ATCs

ATCsabcswap, originally uploaded by Sajona.

I love doing artist trading cards - little pieces of art that are the size of a trading card and are swapped amongst artists and crafts folk. These are for the 'ABC' swap.
A is for the 3 As..
B is for Beautiful, Bald, Baby
C is for Carnevale (the Carnevale Di Ivrea to exact, as we went to it a few years ago)