Sunday, November 02, 2008

My little Mermaid

IMG_4813.JPG, originally uploaded by Sajona.

I found this in the understairs cupboard where it had languished for sometime - it was at my dad's house for ages waiting to be framed - but I took it back after a few years (as he moved house and didn't get round to sorting it) I posted it on Craftster and it was quite a hit - it even got into the 'hot projects' bit! It is now propped up on a shelf and I still don't know how to frame it! (it is padded so normal glass wouldn't work)..I think DD might end up with it as she is obsessed with the Disney version - should have made her a redhead...

Billy Mackenzie tribute dotee!

Billy Mackenzie tribute dotee!, originally uploaded by Sajona.

for the dotee doll swap on craftser - my swappee turned out to be as mad about him as I am - so it had to be done! Freehand machine embroidery doodling. The lyrics (for Club Country) were printed on printable shink plastic. Musical notes from etsy.