Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dressember Tips

My old buddy Laura (we went though our degrees together - but she was far brainier than moi :)) works in a lovely clothes shop in London and tweeted lots of tips recently - I have simply compiled them here for the benefit of all dressember members (more about that on another post)

To help the #dressember movement along and in honour of 21 years selling frocks at, I'd like to impart some tips.

#dressember is about wearing dresses in December. Great idea. 1st thing 2 remember. Dresses r the hardest thing to fit. Both length & width

#dressember If a dress doesn't fit, blame the dress, not yourself. I fitted made to measure dresses 4 years. Learnt that we're all different

#dressember Having a short waist or narrow shoulders is NORMAL. Trying to buy a dress to fit from maybe 4 sizes if you're lucky is bonkers

#dressember Learn what suits you but don't discount all other shapes. Just find a good alteration service!

#dressember Prints are more flattering than plain. Small prints more than large. But if you fall in love with bold lillies etc, go for it

#dressember Everyone always asks for colour in Winter but always ends up buying BLACK! It's more flattering of course but remember underwear

#dressember Our parents and grandparents wore 'foundation' underwear for a reason. Smooth lines are more important than sucky in pants.

#dressember If u can't break away from the LBD, brighten it up with colourful jewellery or maybe a scarf. Or be brave & wear coloured tights

#dressember While we're on the subject of tights, Winter is great for dresses because we can all wear 'opaques'. Try to get high waisted.

#dressember Opaques means showing more leg than most of us would dare to in Summer. Best with high boots of course. Heels or flats

#dressember Finding high boots is a nightmare. do all widths but are a bit pricey. Clarks have some great wide boots this year

#dressember If you have skinny legs, I don't have another suggestion but at least the thick socks look is in this year.

#dressember Yes you can show your knees. From experience most women think their legs are at least 10 times uglier than they are.

#dressember I have no idea where this ugly leg thing comes from - just like I despair over arm fixations. Whatever you think, you are wrong!

#dressember Also don't worry too much about sleeveless dresses in Winter. Put a cardi over or a long sleeved vest under.

#dressember If you go for the l/s vest, try to find a long one so you don't have fabric crinkling up round your waist.

#dressember If you like a dress but you think it's a bit shapeless, you can do wonders with belts. Thin ones round hips, thick under bust

#dressember Maxis are still around this Winter but only ever wear them with short cardis/jackets or you'll look like a sack!

#dressember OK, shapes. It's true V necks suit a bigger bust but you can also create a V with a nice, long necklace tied in a knot.

#dressember Everyone wants to show off their 'tiny' waists if they have them but don't nip in too tight if things go out again too much!

#dressember A gather on the front of a dress you wear doesn't mean you're pregnant. It just means the dress is comfortable!

#dressember Ruching is VERY flattering. Ruching is horizontal gathers. Looks rubbish off but fantastic on the body.

#dressember I love bias cut. Trinny & Susanna are wrong. But if u find something u like, make sure it is cut generously, with lots of fabric

#dressember Also, bias cut dresses also look super long without a body in them. Don't judge a dress by it's hanger appeal. Put it on.

#dressember In fact if a bias cut dress looks extra long, that's probably a good sign that the manufacturers haven't skimped on the fabric

#dressember I work in a lovely dress shop that has expensive and cheap dresses. Libelula is a great label. But so is InWear.

#dressember And the place I love for really pretty fabrics and great shapes at an affordable price.... Wallis. Good size range too!

#dressember If anyone's read this splurge and has a question, feel free. Otherwise, check the details at & call me!

#dressember I work Sat - Tues but the lovely Tina is also great. She's a totally different shape to me so our own experience is extensive!

#dressember When buying dresses (any clothes really), be aware of the dressing rooms particularly mirrors and lighting.

#dressember Seriously, why should we have to look at ourselves in something that approximates those mirrors that help you see round corners?

#dressember And a harsh white overhead bulb might be good for Dracula but not good enough for us. Remember good lighting is your friend.

#dressember & when u look in a nice flattering mirror, use a hand mirror 2 look at your rear. Twisting only makes shoulders narrow & bum big

#dressember Your shoulders are very important. They balance nearly every figure shape & are more important than your bum. Give them a chance!

body con dresses? #dressember Aren't we all body conscious enough already? Wudn't say no to a Herve Leger tho. Original and best.


Jeanette said...

Intrigued by Dressember!
Great tips, most of which I think I already follow. I love wearing dreses, but usually opt for skirts and even then sometimes feel overdressed on the school run, when everyone else is in leggings and ugg boots!

moonmamma said...

I really want to wear dresses, and skirts more often. after I wore a skirt last week and got so many compliments and comments about my legs!