Monday, June 28, 2010

Sorry I've been awol

IMG_1412, originally uploaded by Sajona.

Real life has taken over Chez Sajona - largest sajona-ette has been doing GCSEs, smallest has a hectic social life and mummy is left being taxi.
The poor garden has been much neglected as we are waiting for our landscape designer/builder to come up with a final quote and design for us - and therefore the flower beds have (literally) gone to seed as I know they will all be dug up in the autumn. There are lots of temporary pots filled with dug up perennials and shrubs that I want to save, along with a makeshift vegetable patch and even the strawberries have a new potted home rather than the flower beds they are used to.
A few little gems are surviving - the perennial sweet pea has sprouted up everywhere (it seeds like mad) and an english rose is currently blossoming in an old recycling bin! I rather like the combination of the various clematis and roses growing up against the fence - grey/purple and pink aways works in the garden.

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