Monday, March 01, 2010

Save 6Music

I am so annoyed that there is a possibility that the BBC may close this Radio station down - it is a treasure that would be very sadly missed.

As the BBC log all complaints, and they are treated quite seriously, I sent them the following:
I would like to add to the many who are complaining about the potential closure of 6Music - I love the station for it's diverse music and use of all your archived Radio sessions - especially all the John Peel sessions that I knew and loved. There are thousands of us who are over 35 and still love and adore REAL music - not Radio 1 RnB pap or Radio 2 1960s bias (which is fine for our parents but doesn't reach us) - we grew up with punk/heavy metal etc etc - we aren't ready to throw in the towel and listen to Phil Collins yet!
PLEASE leave 6Music alone!!!!

You can join the facebook campaign here:

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